what's around that corner?

Author Emmett Swan believes books should never fear peeking around the next corner. And the reader should always expect something unexpected.

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"The moments in your day are more than ticks of time. They are the colors with which you decorate your life."
Madison Culler
Around the corner...

Salt World Series

Ceela didn’t like herself very much. She came into this world the result of a rape. So her father, by definition, was a criminal.  Raised on a high gravity planet by her stepfather, she became determined to not follow in the footsteps of her father. She committed her extraordinary skills to doing good, capturing criminals for the Vian Empire on a salt-encrusted world called Bracken. Something she became quite good at.

Everything was going according to plan until, one day, Ceela meets her father face to face for the first time. He was not at all what she had expected.

First volume expected May, 2021

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The Story

Charles and his fifteen companions were just regular people, living out their lives in the modern world. Then, one day, they wake up log cabins, thrust in the midst of an endless wilderness. No sign of civilization anywhere. To survive, they must relearn the knowledge of long dead ancestors. And what are those strange phenomena in the sky? Nearly invisible and hovering over their heads, are they observation chambers, from which Charles and his companions are studied as they struggle to survive? No one knew. But Charles was determined. If there were beings in those chambers that were responsible for being separated from his previous life and his family, there would be hell to pay!