Forest of Lost Secrets

Jessica and her younger brother Riley find magic in the forest. On a moonlit night, they discover that three brothers have been cursed and forced to live in the forest for two hundred years. To free them, Jessica must learn to use magical elixirs and travel to another realm to confront the evil Keeva.

Cadaver Swords

Having learned their lesson the hard way, the people of the Dalmeer Islands instituted a sacred covenant to ensure peace. All living souls were bound to it. But no one thought to include the dead. When the Medium of the Gray Mountain goes rogue, he unleashes an unstoppable army of cadavers upon the land.

Eden’s Shadow (to be released October, 2019)

Frank awakes in a strange community of companions, none of which know how they got there. They are isolated and their only technology is from centuries past. If they can manage to relearn what their ancestors forgot, they may survive the wilderness. But what about the strange objects that watch them from above?

Recent Posts

  • Is Science a Nuisance?- My training in science is pretty extensive, having degrees in physics and mathematics. I know a little science. So when writing stories involving magic and other fantasy elements, does science get in the way? Wouldn’t it be better to just throw science out the window? I do not believe so. We all have a sense of what is plausible, and as long as the fantasy elements are not utter chaos, science helps maintain the layer …

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  • Jessica’s Source- Jessica initially came to me as a name, with a list of character traits, and a picture of an attractive stranger. Emmett introduced me to her along with the outline for Forest of Lost Secrets. I knew where Jessica lived, how old she was, a little about her family and friends, and how she fit into the plot of our story. But Jessica was two-dimensional when I met her. She was as flat as the …

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  • Making Magic Magical- To make it fun, magic has to be hard. If all that is required is to mumble a few words, or wave a magic wand, then magic is cheap. And if magic is cheap, then it loses much of its, er, magic. In Forest of Lost Secrets, magic isn’t something that is inside us. It is out there in the world around us. It can be harvested, but only if you know how, and only …

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